Who We Are

An Awakening of Collective Consciousness.

The Divine Hive was created to be a  platform for information, inspiration and community.  A gathering place for like minded individuals seeking to know themselves better and to develop an intimate relationship to their own personal definition of the Divine, or to their higher self. 

About US

Kellie Walsh


Kellie Walsh is the founder of The Divine Hive and is originally from the Boston area. She moved to Manhattan in 1999 , before relocating to Nyack, NY in 2009.  

She has studied and taught in the worlds' of spiritual and physical health & fitness her entire life and  is a born teacher . She is also a World renown professional photographer and co-owner of

4 Eyes Photography  with studios in Manhattan and Nyack.

She currently teaches her own Guided Meditation Class in Nyack NY.

In addition, Kellie teaches weekly Photography, Kickboxing, Yoga and her own combination Yokick classes,  at  Fusion Academy.  

Kellie is a Certified Anusara Yoga teacher with over 15 years experience,  a trained Kickboxing Instructor and also a Brown Belt in Wado Ki Karate.

She created The Dive Hive as a way to build a community for like-minded friends to share knowledge and experiences. To have a place where ideas and concepts can be explored and  begin to understand the commonalities of  life together, though events, classes and workshops.

"We are not alone, but part of a greater collective consciousness and this awareness shines a light on the world. "

Kellie loves to incorporate the mind, body and spirit concepts into her daily life.   For the last 4 years she has been studying with Dr. Joe Dispenza on Quantum Meditation.  As with her own practice , she spends time in quiet meditation to connect to her own 'authentic self' and to develop a deeper relationship to the ' Divine'. 

Kellie likes to think of Meditation as " ..like visiting an old friend ~ your true self".  

When you create time to  sit & reflect  on the endless possibilities of exploring your higher self and your calling in this life ~ that is the true gift of meditation.


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